Friday, February 26, 2010

Since I've Been Gone..

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been a long time since i've posted anything on this blog of mine so i thought i'd share what's been going on since i've been gone w/ some pictures! (:

pictures are set up from the most recent occurance to latest occurance
(which would pick up from my last blog entry)

My Cousin's Ony 25th Birthday

that's my cousin ony w/ his sister! (:

me & my sister.. finally get to go clubbing w/ her!*

Valentine's Day

ben got my sister a rose.. he's a sweetie!*

Disney on Ice

we had to take him.. CARS was part of it &he loves that movie!


my family ♥

ben LOVE him some cars!*

my mom &ben.. he's silly!*

sister love!

My Sister's 21st Birthday Celebration

she's all grown up &more beautiful by the year! (;

sister, me, &cousin

My 24th Birthday Dinner

Hope you enjoyed! (:
i will try to get back into blogging.. it's just been kinda hard w/o a camera which i should be purchasing a new one within the next couple of days.. for sure this time! *i got my tax return* (:
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