Monday, June 29, 2009

FOTD: Easy Smokey Eyes

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items used for this look

• MAC p/p in soft ochre
• MAC e/s in vanilla
• MAC e/s in knight divine
• NYX e/s in black
• L'Oreal Lineur Intense in carbon black
• UD 24/7 Glide-On pencil in zero
• Maybelline XXL Extensions microfibre mascara in very black
• False Eyelashes (opitional)
• MAC blush in spaced out
• MAC silmshine l/s in bare


hope you like this look &try it out! (=

xoxo ~ Jane.

Friday, June 26, 2009

May They Rest In Peace & NOTW

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Rest In Peace
the king of pop, the original charlie's angel, &the star search host

WOW what a week.. first john & kate's divorce &then people dying!?!
i was very sad/shocked to hear about the KING OF POP passing.. like that's it!?

i was jammin' to all his hits yesterday &remember so many memories of his life when i was growing up.. even the crazy fainting in his televised concerts. he will never be forgotten &may the LEGEND live on through his music..

RIP Micheal Jackson

Nail Of The Week
China Glaze - Spontaneous

so for this week i rocked this pretty shade of purple.. it reminded me of the lakers! (= the color shows up true to the color in the bottle.. after 3 days of just the solid color i decided to jazz it up a bit & add tips to it!

this was aubrey (fafinettex3) inspired
CG spontaneous + CG tincel

she had twitpic this a while back &never did a tutorial so i can't link you to any tutorial.. sorry! )=

XOXO ~ Jane

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day Recap & Bargain Finds!

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Father's Day
we spent the day @ the circus b/c our lil benja wanted to see the elephants..

off to the circus w/ daddy

the elephants!

ben after the circus w/ his hat on! (=

Bargain Finds!
here are some bargains that i found.. good for summer!

wetseal dress $4.99

sandals $3.99

earrings $0.99

Total Outfit - $10.74!
@fallas paredes

i found next 2 shoes from a place that's here in vegas.. one of those mom & pop type places (=

that place is a dream come true! :D

heels $5.99

flats $7.99

hope everyone is having a great week so far! (=

xoxo ~ Jane<33

Friday, June 19, 2009

NOTW / What I Got From MAC Sumo Sale

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Nail Of The Week
China Glaze - Second Hand Silk

so this was the nail color i was rockin' all week!!
a pretty light pink.. which is very opacque. it isn't sheer at all 2 coats will pretty much give you its true color. these pictures really isn't giving it's true color. this color reminds me of barbie pink and not pink like the box which is a bright hot pink but pink like her heels! (=

i only got 2 things from this sale (which is over now, sorry if you missed it) only because i couldn't narrow my BIG wish list down to my budget and so i only got what i really needed..
1. Fix +
which i've been needing a bottle of my mineralize shadows look weird w/o it!
2. Select Moisturecover Concealer
i had the wrong shade of concealer but i was able to sell it! (= i've been trying to work w/o concealer which is not working out too well! /=

what did you lovely ladies get from the sale?

also check out my YT channel for my 3 latest haul videos!! (=

xoxo ~ Jane<33

Friday, June 12, 2009

Nail Care Routine

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i've recently added this video to my to YT channel &decided to share it w/ all of my beauty bloggers as well..

just a step-by-step explanation on how i care for my nails as i do them myself! (=

ORLY mint mojito

• Beauty Secrets Professional Nail Polish Remover - $1.79
• Cotton Balls - from anywhere; any brand
• Flowery Black Beauty Boards - $0.79
• Four-Sided Acrylic Soft Buffer - $0.99
• Cuticle Pusher - from anywhere; any kind you like
• Cuticle Cutter - from anywhere; any kind you like
• Orly Bonder Basecoat - $6.99
• Nail Color of Choice: i have on ORLY mint mojito in this video - any brand; i prefer OPI, China Glaze, &ORLY - $2.99-$8.50
• China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat - $5.99

most of the items i use are from sally beauty supply but you can also find them at ULTA stores if you don't have a sally beauty supply in your area.

as for my weekend -- my only living grandparent (maternal grandfather) will be celebrating his 86th birthday on saturday.. a surprise party will be held at my mother's house for him. also, the hubby&i will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary this sunday so i have a weekend of events to look forward to! (;

i hope this was helpful for me to share &i hope you all have a great weekend! (=

xoxo ~ Jane<33

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

MAC Style Warriors Haul / Review

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I didn't pick up too much from the collection just what i knew i HAD to have &know i would actually be using. although i LOVE LOVE animal print i wasn't sucked in that much to the packaging for this collection.

Beauty Powder Blush
(neutral peach bronze with gold pearl)

of course i had to get this BP blush.. it's peach toned &i LOVE my peach colored blushes. i also liked On a Mission but i didn't pick it up but i might eventually go back for it! /=

Brave New Bronze
(creamy mid-tone pink nude -satin)

so Brave New Bronze is such a pretty nude lippie. this with the lipglass i got is the prettiest combo so i got them! i also liked one other lipstick from the collection which was Purple Rite. Sunsational seem too light while Tribalist is too dark for my liking.

Gold Rebel
(sheer copper bronze with pearl -frost)

Like i said, this lipglass.. Gold Rebel is great paired with Brave New Bronze. as for the other lipglasses go.. i liked Fierce & Fabulous but i passed on Liberated &Style Warrior &thought it might be on the sheer side.

together: brave new bronze l/s w/ gold rebel l/g

more of my thoughts + what i passed on..

a lot of the colors looked like you can find something similar to. they were all neutral colors that didn't really catch my eye. the only one that really did was Vibrant Grape but it's permanent in the mac pro line so i can get that color at anytime.

Bronzing Powder
i thought Solar Riche was too orangey for me but i did like Refined Golden so might go back for it.. it's also a permanent so there's no hurry on it unless i want the packaging which is cute since it has the zebra design. (=

Nail Lacquer
these colors didn't seem to phase me &look like they could be easily dupes as well. personally i'm not a big fan of MAC nail polishes.. i find the formula to be very streaky &sheer. i only own one MAC nail polish & plan on keeping it that way. /=

Lustre Drops / Solar Bits / Skinsheen Leg Spray
are all just not my style so i decided to pass on all of those.

non-collection: eyeshadow refill pans
left: contrast
(intense purplish-blue flecked with blue shimmer -velvet)
right: texture
(peachy-brown with shimmer -velvet)

i bought these 2 refill pan shadows for my palette b/c a subscriber on my YT channel requested i do a look for her using these 2 shadows.. the pictures to that look is the post before this one. these 2 shadows were already on my eyeshadow wishlist so i was gonna evenually gonna buy them anyway. as far as pigmentation goes.. they are very pigmented, soft, &so pretty! (=

Overall: i might return for the other 2 lippies + BP blush &since the bronzing powder &eyeshadow i liked are permanent there really isn't any rush for me to pick those up. i am happy w/ what i got already so if i don't make that return it's all good w/ me! (=

*NOTE: again.. i apologize for the picture quality as i am still using my phone's camera to take pictures until i buy a new camera. /=

xoxo ~ jane<33

Thursday, June 4, 2009

FOTD: Using MAC Contrast & Texture

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items used for this look
• Tape (for sharp edge)
• MAC p/p in soft ochre
• MAC e/s in texture
• MAC e/s in contrast
• MAC e/s in vanilla
• L'Oreal Lineur Intense in carbon black
• UD 24/7 Glide-On pencil in zero
• Maybelline XXL Extensions microfibre mascara in very black
• MAC blush in spaced out
• MAC silmshine l/s in bare

hope everyone is well! i'm sorry for being so MIA lately.. i know i haven't done any looks for a while so i hope you all would enjoy one.. hope you like this look &try it out if you like! (=
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