Thursday, May 26, 2011

How-to Color your Hair at Home (w/ video)

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Step 1:
make sure you have all the supplies you need including the color of your choice + the right amount of developer for your color.

i have hair that is an 1-2 inch(es) past my shoulder & i got 2 bottles but i think i would've done fine w/ 1 bottle as i ended up w/ a lot of leftover. in my opinion you would only need 2 if your hair is down to your boob or somewhere in that area.

the side of the bottle will tell you how much developer to color you will need to the color you have.

Step 2:
next you will add the color & the developer together into a hair coloring bottle i would suggest putting the developer in first as it is a cream consistency so it will sit as the color will just fall right into the creme.

Step 3:
once all is in the bottle you will need to shake to mix well.

Step 4:
once all the color is in your hair bun it all together put a processing cap on.

Step 5:
wait 25 minutes!

Step 6:
wash color out followed by shampooing and conditioning. you can use a special conditioner for color treating hair or your regular one.

Step 7: done!
allow to dry with a blow dryer or air drying.

watch video below for an in depth explanation:

thanks to pam aka xpinkxx for teaching me how to do this! (:

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day to Night Eye Look (video)

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MAC p/p in soft orche
MAC satin taupe e/s
MAC vanilla e/s
MAC beauty marked e/s
L'oreal lineur instense carbon black liner
Shu Umera eyelash curler
Covergirl lashblast volume waterproof mascara
ELF conditioning lip balm in peaceful pink

Friday, May 13, 2011

Elf Studio Line + Forever 21 Haul (video)

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once again i have neglected to update this blog of mine. i apologize for that as i was caught up with school and life but if you've been visiting my youtube you would know that i've actually been up-to-date on videos and have managed to get at least 1 video up every week. (:

last saturday my sister and i were suppose to buy manny pacquiao shirts to get into our filipino spirit of representing him but when we got to champs all the size small shirts were gone! instead of being super sad about it we just took it as a sign that "it wasn't meant to be" and ended up doing a bit of shopping at forever 21 which i was kinda looking forward to doing anyway since it's beginning to transition from spring into summer. if you want to see all that i have hauled from there as well as my ELF studio stuff.. watch the video below.

i do hope to start updating on here more often. once again sorry for my absence on here! Copyright © 2011 Design by Ipietoon Blogger Template | Illustration by Enakei | Gossip Celebrity