Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Reflecting on 2008 + My NYE Look

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for me 2008 was a year to learn a lot from it really wasn't one of my best years &it also wasn't bad but through all the UPs and DOWNs of 2008, i still would like to reflect on the good things that has happened for me this past year!

i went to the motherland after 7 years &honestly i feel the older you are the more of an appreciation you will have for background &for the things you have b/c a lot of them aren't as fortunate &you get a better understanding of what our parents went through to give us the lives we have today.
• my son had his first real hair cut -- he went bald!
(he had a trim after turning one in 2007)
i celebrated my second mother's day -- i love my son! (=
my son sorta learned how to swim (he still wears floaties of course) but he can go to the deep end by himself &i still can't! /=
my best friend, my love, &the father of my son &i celebrated 4 years of being together &i can truly say we have been through a lot in that time!
• we had our first family trip to san diego zoo + sea world (i took him to disneyland previously but it was just me + the in-laws that time -- the hubby had to work)
i started getting into the makeup scene + my crazy collection of makeup began! (=
my son started early education (pre-school) which is for him to socialize since he doesn't really have cousins his age but that will change w/ the coming year.
my hubby went back to school
my son turned 2 years old
my maternal grandfather (only living grandparent today) came back from the Philippines (he's retired)
i had the best semester in college this past fall 2008 (=
i turned 23 &i am healthy, strong, &beautiful
my parents celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary &are still happily married &the best grandparents ever i might add! (= next year will be their silver year!

..&i thank God for those blessings everyday!

there are many things in store for 2009 some we may know of &some will come in surprise but whatever they may be we can only hope that God continues to bless us w/ all the beautiful things in life!

now onto..

My NYE Look:
so this is a look i've created on my youtube for NYE &it's the look i plan to recreate to ring in 2009!

if you would like to watch my tutorial for this look tune into my youtube page or click on the link to the right of this entry.

here are the items i used for this look:
• MAC paint pot in soft ochre
• MAC mineralize eye shadow duo in sea & sky
• Prestige Liquid Liner in black
• Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On pencil in zero
• CoverGirl lashblast mascara in true black

• MAC blush in mocha

• MAC lipstick in blankety
• MAC lustreglass in instant gold

not quite sure what the plans are as of now but whatever they may be.. you know i'm still gonna look my best! come on.. it's a new year!

2009 is for sure gonna be MY year! (=

whatever it is that you lovelies have planned.. please be safe
&i wish you all a prosperous &happy 2009 new year!

xoxo -- jane<33

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Celebrating Christmas + Haul

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Christmas Eve is usually spent w/ my side of family while Christmas Day is spent w/ my hubby's family.

..Christmas Eve..
01: my son &i by the Christmas tree
02: JAM = Jane, Alison, &Michele -- that's my sis&i w/ our cousin in the middle
03: my sisStar &i (=

benja in his own lil world playing w/ his brand new cars

..Christmas Day..
my son w/yet another car.. that one is from santa! (=

my fam on Christmas Day

..Haul Time..
my xmas stuff
i don't get much these days now that i have a kid.. but i'm very thankful for what i do get! (=
missing: shoe rack &money

from my sis: charming garnet glamour basics holiday set + select sheer pressed powder

from the hubby &benja: adoring carmine 4 face brush holiday set + bakers heels

from my cousin: coastal scents contour &blush palette

from my secret santa denyse: coach bag (=

my bday stuff
coastal scents:
• 88 Ultra Shimmer Eye Shadow Palette
• 10 Piece Blush Palette
• Silver Duo Fiber Stippling Brush
• Flat Mineral Bronzer Buffer Brush
• Italian Badger Doe Foot Stippler
• Synthetic Shadow Brush
• Black on Black Taklon Angle Liner Brush

• Shu Uemura LE 24K Gold Eyelash Curler
• Sephora by OPI Nail Colour in Metro Chic
• Napoleon Perdis Long Black Mascara in Double Black
• Vanilla Cupcake Bubble Bath
• 3 various samples

all in all i had a wonderful Christmas &i hope all of you did too! (=

xoxo -- jane<33

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

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from our family to yours! (=

xoxo -- jane<33>

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday Look

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so far i've done 2 looks for the holidays on my youtube &i'm really loving this look!

i'm considering this one for my look on Christmas. (=

here are the items i used for this look:
• NYX jumbo pencil in lemon
• NYX eyeshadow trio
Spring Leaf/Lime Green/Green Tea
• Prestige liquid liner in black
• Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On pencil in zero
• CoverGirl lastblast mascara in true black

• n.y.c Chroma Face Glow in sunstone

• NYX round lipstick in Indian Pink

i'm gonna try doing a red look tonight &see how that goes..
til next time my beauties

xoxo -- jane<33

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to My Hubby!

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here's the love of my life @25 y/o &myself after his birthday lunch @TGIFridays.
happy birthday hun! i love you lots!! (=

after we took this picture i noticed my son had stolen my camera the day before &took some pictures of his own..

my dell laptop

&a close up of his face! (=

hope you enjoyed those.. til next time lovies!
xoxo -- jane<33

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Let it SnOw!!

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it snowed WAY more today than it did on my birthday &it piled up beautifully! (=


last sunday my son, his cousin (aka my goddaughter), &my 2 youngest cousins made gingerbread houses at my parents' house. my son had so much fun eating the candy that he had my cousin &i finish sticking all the candy on his gingerbread house. it got really messy once my mom thought sprinkles would make a lovely addition to the candy houses. /=

monday was my 23rd birthday &it was snowing! snow in vegas is not likely &when it does it happen it's brief, only lasts for about a day, and if it piles up it would piles up to about an inch and disappears the next day.

so it snowed for most of the day &it didn't pile to an inch which i was kinda hoping for &of course the next day was completely gone! but it made the roofs of the houses have a beautiful snowy top to them by night time the snow began to melt! )= but it was beautiful to have landed on the day of my birthday! (=

some of my friends + family joined me for a dinner at red robin but we forgot to take pictures! )= i did take pictures of the look i was wearing and even did a tutorial for it on my youtube.

overall, it was a good birthday and i wanna thanks those of you who greeted me a happy birthday! i really appreciate it!! (=

xoxo -- jane<33

Saturday, December 13, 2008

birthday girls

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12/10: HAPPY 20th BiRTHDAY TO MY sisSTAR!
12/15: HAPPY 23rd BiRTHDAY TO ME!

i freakin love her.. since she was born 5 days before i turned 3.. best bday present ever! (=

in 2006 when i was prego w/ my son

last year when my sis graduated high school.. we look like twins

just wanted to put this up today since it's a day in between our birthdays.

to my sis: happy birthday again.. i love you! a year from now we'll truly party like r0ckstars!

xoxo -- jane<33

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Collective Haul

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top: n.y.c. chroma face glow in moonstone &sunstone
good MAC MSF dupes! (=
bottom: physicans formula baked collection in backed sands

MAC: blackberry eyeshadow, shadowy lady quad, swish eyeshadow, &soft ochre paint pot

mac eye shadows from costco - left: blackberry / right: swish

covergirl lash blast, maybelline XXL extensions, &carmax lip balm in cherry

so i made an announcement on my youtube that every month i would make a collective REVIEW type video of some of the new things that i've hauled within the month &would like to do the same on here.

send me a message on any request of reviews on the item you would like me to make a review on &i will do the same w/ the items that i feel my opinions of either good or bad would help.

i hope everyone is having a good week so far! (=

xoxo -- jane<33

Friday, December 5, 2008

Good Deals at Costco

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so i found some good deals at costco that i thought i'd share w/ you all! (=

stila sets
eyeshadow duo sets - $16.99

shape up your face set - $15.99

L: warm set R: cool set

mac shadows
blackberry, swish, newly minted, &orb - $11.49 each

i picked up 2 of the 4 mac shadows that they had &i'm thinking about going back for the other 2! i mean you save $3.01.. so why not!?

i want to pick the stila 'shape up your face' set also.. $16.99 for stila.. what a steal!

as for the eyeshadow duos.. i'm going to pass on them. for the price it's a very good deal but it's just the pans so i would have nothing to depot them into. \=

i hope to have a collective haul video up tomorrow w/ my new things!

so until then.. goodnight loves!

xoxo -- jane<33
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