Monday, July 27, 2009

NOTW: Mom's Chiffon With A Zebra Twist

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for my NOTW (Nail Of The Week) this week.. i decided to try something different &put a lil twist to my regular polish

China Glaze: Mom's Chiffon w/ Zebra (OPI: I do I do + Stripe Rite: Black)

here was last week NOTW that i just didn't get the chance to post..

China Glaze: Strawberry Fields

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wet Seal + MAC SUMO Sale Haul

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here are some things i've purchased over a couple of weeks ago that i just wanted to share w/ all of you! (=

Wet Seal Order #1

Wet Seal Order #2

MAC Sumo Friends &Family Sale

Circle Lenses: Geo Angel Eyes - Brown

here i am w/ them on.. i like! (=

watch my haul video below:

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

REVIEW Segment: Not Too Pleased With..

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so i think i'm gonna start doing this as a segment/series once i've accumulated a couple of products that i did or did not like &share my thoughts w/ you here on my blog. (=

1. Maybelline XXL Extensions Mascara in Very Black

i thought this mascara was really going to extent my eyelashes but sadly.. it did not &the primer side didn't seem to make a difference either.. it was most likely b/c i have been so use to using covergirl LashBlast that switching over to this mascara once my 3 month time period was over was such a disappointment for me b/c it doesn't not come close to the results that lashblast gives me! /=

2. Covergirl LashBlast Luxe in Black Platinum
this may sound &look weird but i wasn't too pleased w/ the luxe version of lashblast for one reason only.. other than this reason it works just as good as the regular &a lot better than the mascara above so i am currently going to use up this mascara for the next 3 months until it's time to change again BUT the thing is.. it is very hard to remove &i use mandom makeup remover &like a lot of you all know it's one of the BEST removers out there but i guess b/c of the shimmer that is in the luxe's formula i have to put some extra effort to remove it which is kinda of annoying AND i didn't really notice the shimmer to it!?

personally i think sticking to the regular lashblast would be my best advice as this was a waste &there was no big WOO to it. why mess w/ sucess.. right!?

3. Naris Up Cosmetics Japanese Egg Shell and Collagen Facial Mask
so i know a lot of the beauty bloggers out there liked this stuff but it didn't seem to do anything for my face &i'm not really a mask person so i guess my face just wasn't responding to it! /=

if any of you would like to take this off my hands i only used it 2x &will sell it for $7.00. please let me know if you are interested! (=


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bumpits Hair Tutorial

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so i did a video hair tutorial on how-to place a bumpit in your hair tied up.

BigSexyHair spray and play harder volumizing hairspray
rat tail comb
medium bumpit
hair tie / 2 bobby pins

Buy Bumpits Inserts $19.99

or at a local Walgreens, Walmart, or Sally Beauty Supply for $9.99

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