Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm Back!!

Posted by Jane at 12:03 AM
so was everyone's week &thanksgiving?

my week was pretty hectic w/ all the moving, i had one day of school, &we took our xmas family photo.. which will be used for our xmas greeting card &i thought they turned out really nice! i will post them up for all of you to see once i get a hold of them!

thanksgiving went well w/ the 3 meals i went to.. turkey makes you super sleepy but it is oh so yummy!

we're pretty much all moved in &just about settled.. gotta put my picture frames / paintings up on these walls soon b/c they are so white &boring! /=

i should have some new videos up sometime next week &you know i had pick a couple of new things during the great finds of black friday so watch out for some new haulage!

that's pretty much it for my update.. i'm gonna watch a movie w/ the hubby now so til next time myloves..

xoxo -- jane <33>

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