Friday, May 13, 2011

Elf Studio Line + Forever 21 Haul (video)

Posted by Jane at 10:30 AM

once again i have neglected to update this blog of mine. i apologize for that as i was caught up with school and life but if you've been visiting my youtube you would know that i've actually been up-to-date on videos and have managed to get at least 1 video up every week. (:

last saturday my sister and i were suppose to buy manny pacquiao shirts to get into our filipino spirit of representing him but when we got to champs all the size small shirts were gone! instead of being super sad about it we just took it as a sign that "it wasn't meant to be" and ended up doing a bit of shopping at forever 21 which i was kinda looking forward to doing anyway since it's beginning to transition from spring into summer. if you want to see all that i have hauled from there as well as my ELF studio stuff.. watch the video below.

i do hope to start updating on here more often. once again sorry for my absence on here!

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