Friday, June 26, 2009

May They Rest In Peace & NOTW

Posted by Jane at 1:14 PM
Rest In Peace
the king of pop, the original charlie's angel, &the star search host

WOW what a week.. first john & kate's divorce &then people dying!?!
i was very sad/shocked to hear about the KING OF POP passing.. like that's it!?

i was jammin' to all his hits yesterday &remember so many memories of his life when i was growing up.. even the crazy fainting in his televised concerts. he will never be forgotten &may the LEGEND live on through his music..

RIP Micheal Jackson

Nail Of The Week
China Glaze - Spontaneous

so for this week i rocked this pretty shade of purple.. it reminded me of the lakers! (= the color shows up true to the color in the bottle.. after 3 days of just the solid color i decided to jazz it up a bit & add tips to it!

this was aubrey (fafinettex3) inspired
CG spontaneous + CG tincel

she had twitpic this a while back &never did a tutorial so i can't link you to any tutorial.. sorry! )=

XOXO ~ Jane


KRYSTAL on June 26, 2009 at 6:53 PM said...

i cannot believe all three of them has passed. were they all at the same day!? not sure.. but ive been seeing it on the news.
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