Friday, April 3, 2009

MAC Grand Duos / Sugarsweet Collections Haul + Review

Posted by Jane at 2:48 PM
i really loved these collections! for Sugarsweet i felt the colors went well together &both were great to help bring on the feel for spring. if you saw my wishlist on the Sugarsweet collection you probably noticed i cut out a lot of the things i was planning on getting not that i didn't want it anymore.. it really was my wallet still recovering from the MAC hello kitty collection &i didn't have enough time to re-save my money for these 2 collections. /=

Grand Duos: Mineralize Blush

Love Rock
(gold violet mélange / bright blue pink)

i originally wasn't planning on getting any of the Grand Duos mineralize blushes b/c from the promo pix they didn't seem to phase me so i was suppose to pass &then when i went to MAC for the Sugarsweet collection.. i decided to check them out &i fell in love w/ Love Rock + Intenso from this collection.

i only bought Love Rock which gives off a pretty pink color.. i will eventually have to go back for Intenso &must i tell ya.. all of the blushes in this collection are VERY pigmented so i think they are well worth it to buy + you get 3 different looks in one. you can wear either or side by itself as well as mixing both sides together!

Sugarsweet: Mineralize Skinfinish
(tan/peach/coral melange)

i felt that the MSFs in this collection were both really pretty &did not have that chunky glitter going on like most of the other MSFs that i've seen. originally i was planning to buy both MSFs but when i check them out in person i felt Perfect Topping looked very pretty for highlighting your face but since i don't really highlight too often i passed. i did get Refined b/c it was just right for my skin tone which would be great for bronzing as well as all over face for a beautiful healthy glow &i didn't own a bronzer previously to this one so i definitely had to get this one. (=

Sugarsweet: Lipsticks
Saint Germain
(clean pastel pink -Amplified)
Lollipop Loving
(clean mid-tone coral with subtle green with gold iridescence -Glaze)

lately i have been obsessed w/ lippies! (= so i definetly could not pass on the lippies from this collection.. i picked up 2! Saint Germain b/c it is a LE lippie that is usually not available in the U.S. but in Europe + Lollipop Loving b/c i didn't pick it up the first time around w/ the heatherette collection &i couldn't find it at any of the CCOs where i live.

as for the other lippies in the collection.. i am still indifferent about Bubbles (shimmery warm white -Glaze).. i might go back for it, i might not. /= i thought Sweet Thing (mid-tone magenta with multi-dimensional pearl -Lustre) was WAY too bright for me &Touch (Peachy Cinnamon -Lustre) is part of permanent line.

so i passed on..

Eye Shadows
Aquavert probably would be the only one i missed out on b/c Dear Cupcake in person was sorta chalky so i definitely did want it. Sugarshot looked like any ol' regular highlight. Stars N' Rockets + Club are both in the permanent line so i can get those 2 whenever. (=

i'm not really a shadestick kinda gal.. i like using paint pots for base or my NYX jumbo pencils BUT if you've noticed the packaging has change &so has the formula! as some of you may have known the old shadesticks were very hard to apply but these are much more creamier &the colors are very pretty. the can REALLY make the complementing shadows from this collection pop so you might wanna check those out!

Tricolour Lipglasses

they were just very weird to me + sheer = a NO NO!

Nail Lacquer
i had Seasonal Peach on my wishlist but i cut it out b/c i didn't feel like it was a unique color but i regret not getting Peppermint Patti now that it's SOLD OUT &no where to be found.. so if someone can track it down.. pretty PLEASE let me know! )'=

OVERALL: i REALLY loved the colors in this collection b/c they all complimented each other very well. i really wish i was able to buy more from this collection but i am happy w/ the items i did end up getting.. i am really sad that i didn't pick up peppermint patti nail lacquer. so ATTENTION if anyone has it &doesn't want it or is still able to get a hold of it PLEASE let me know b/c i'll pay you for it!! (=



Anonymous said...

The Saint Germain l/s is so pretty! Totally your colour! I can imagine how nice it will look with your complexion. ;)

Anonymous said...

great buy! i definitely need to check out those shadestick again!

Einjely on April 3, 2009 at 5:58 PM said...

i didnt like the sugarsweet collection specially the msf's cuz it just doesnt show up on my skin. i bought the hot planet but dang it looked hella similar with my nars torrid so i returned it. hmmmm.. love rock... looks so pretty yet too shimmery for me.. but.. i still might get it! haha!

Anonymous said...

yay for the refined MSF. FINALLY they come out with a nice peachy colored MSF. I know you've been obsessed with peachy colored blushes (found out from your youtube vids) and I am too! I just purchased spaced out from the sci-fi collection (your fav) and I am in love love love! Originally I opted for "peaches", it was a beautiful matte color but I chose spaced out since the colors and packaging was more out there and unique. You need to put up a pic of you with saint germain cause I can NOT rock it for shit although the color looks beautiful! Ok, this comment is getting too long, lol Take care girlie :)

Anonymous said...

grand duos are fantastic..gotta love em and refined oh yah...girl I agreee....loving the haul darrrrling.

M on April 4, 2009 at 11:51 AM said...

ack! you make me want the refined msf!

Sonya on April 5, 2009 at 10:12 AM said...


You got a great haul there. I love the St Germain lipstick. My MAC didn't have it left, and I bought Cakeshop shadestick...the formula sucks! I like the formula more, even thought it was a bit harder to apply. This one was just chalky. I went back to the store to return it, tried lemon chiffon, and wasn't I passed on them all!

I can't believe your son came out of you, because you are sooooo petite.

SwatchCrazee on April 5, 2009 at 5:31 PM said...

love the haul! i wonder if u can do swatches of those lippies on ur lips?
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